Professional Drummer

Professionally drummed around the world on television, recordings, and stages throughout the USA, Europe, Russia, Canada, and Japan.

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Mix Engineer

Known for capturing and enhancing a pure musical performance, Jared has put his mixing ears on Rock, Jazz, and Americana records.

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Recording Studio Owner

Owner of 745 Recording Studios, designed to capture the natural sound of instruments with equipment that is clean and pure.

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Ludwig Breakbeats Kit by Questlove?

Ludwig Breakbeats kit by Questlove? – GEAR REVIEW

I have had the amazing opportunity to play with the bestselling jazz vocalist Jaimee Paul since December 2010.  To date, her band is a jazz combo configuration including drums, bass (upright & electric), piano, and trumpet.  The venues she plays runs the gamut of listening rooms to large theaters.  Up to this point in my […]

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Connie Podesta

What are You Reading? How To Make a Fortune Selling to Women

How To Make A Fortune Selling to Women by  Connie Podesta I’d like to make a fortune.  I’d like to understand women.  This book must be for me!  Truthfully, my wife designs and sells shirts that are geared mainly toward female buyers through her company Krystal Original.  I came across this book, and thought I […]

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Malcolm Gladwell Blink

What Are You Reading? Blink from Malcolm Gladwell

I unashamedly admit that I like popular science books.  I am a strategist.  I like to solve problems, especially when it requires outside the box thinking.  If you are like minded, you will love the author Malcolm Gladwell and his book Blink.   If you consider gender equality to be a problem, would you ever […]

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How The Mighty Fall

What Are You Reading? How The Mighty Fall

Here’s a question for you to consider:  How would the world be worse off, if you or your business did not exist? We can probably stop right h …But I will press on so you can get your money’s worth.  Don’t breeze passed that question, though.  I have been thinking about it for several days […]

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